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I don't understand why he went on the show in the first place, at this point.


Also, it's irritating to me that TAL did not bother to factcheck, so they own half of the responsibility, but they're blaming Daisey for the screw up 100%. 50% of the lie belongs to TAL.

Jon @ The Sidecar

I'd say that the bulk of the blame goes to Daisey. Yes, "This American Life" should have done more due diligence, but Daisey was being very evasive with TAL. The fact that he knew he had fabricated a bunch of stuff and then tried to cover it up is very shady. (He lied to Ira Glass about the name of the translator he used because he knew that she would point out a lot of the mistakes in his story) A bunch of the facts in Dasiey's story did check out beforehand; it's the fact that other things didn't is the problem. TAL did do some fact checking; they just didn't do enough.


Yes, he lied. Not letting him off the hook, believe me. But TAL failed to fact check. If they're going to call themselves journalism, they bear 100% of the responsibility for not doing that. They had red flags along the way that they admit made them uneasy. So they should have called a halt to it. I'm not excusing Daisey, but TAL has to take responsibility, as well.

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